Thursday, 28 February 2013

MyUnity : For Ubuntu Appearence Customisation

MUnity help you to change the themes, fonts, desktop icons in Ubuntu                          


                        Recently, I found an application in Ubuntu, for customisation of appearance- MUnity . You can install themes, fonts etc. and by using MyUnity you can change the desktop screen appearence. 
                                    I got a new theme, and I want to install it in my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. First, I created a folder named .themes   in my home folder. It will be a hidden folder. For finding all the hidden folders/files in your Home folder, just press Ctrl+H. Ok, After creation of folder .themes , I copied the extracted theme folder to it. Next we have to install MyUnity. 

                                   For installing MyUnity, Open a terminal, and then type:

                            sudo apt-get install myunity
Its around some MB size in range. Access the MUnity application and you can find many option. Here I tried to change the theme. The theme that previously added can be seen in the themes list. Choose the theme. Try for other options. A good customisation tool, is in it?              


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