Saturday, 6 October 2012

A SOCIAL IMAGERY: kuttidosa@thattukada


It's not a story thats happens only in our imagination,  
It's something that happens in reality, beyond our imagination!
Before I reached Palghat Jn. that night, I had decided to have my dinner from the food stall beside the Railway station road. Mallu's call these types of food stalls as 'Thattukada', where we could get food at much cheaper rate. The cook was busy with making Dosa and a helper was there to assist him. Many youngsters were there, busy with their hot and spicy foods. I ordered two Dosas and a double omelette. Even though they says thats kuttidosa, it was pretty large and thin. The helper put a piece of banana leaf in my plate and poured some coconut and  chilly chutney along with two hot Dosas. While enjoying each bite of dosa, I just listen to the conversation of each person. One guy asked the helper:

"Chetta, are you getting the dam water at  no cost? "
Helper: "Ya, why you asked this?"
The Guy: "The chutney looks more like water."

A flash of laugh spread over everyone's face. The cook interrupted the conversation.

"Only water gets at lower a cost in this country. Our government increasing the Prices of each and everything as they like."

He put the omellete into my plate and he continued. 

"These crap politicians dont want to know how the people in this country lives, they increased  the price of cooking gas and oils. We wont have any other option except to stop this stall. We are not in any political party and in any of the associations. We wont have any leader to protest against this. We could only feed our children only if we can feed you people."

 I paid my bill, and walked to the bus stop. I had lost my mind in many thoughts. When I read recent newspapers, most of the headers were about the increase in prices of petrol, diesel, cooking gas etc. I didn't knew about the impact thats made by an increase in the price of a product by a single rupee, in the life of common man. I thought this temporary stall wont be there as it is on the next week. 

My bus arrived with a alerting horn from my thoughts. I get into the bus along with a crowd of common people.


  1. Felt like reading one of the stories from Malgudi days.

  2. Elkey you haven't mentioned kuttidosa's price ;-)

    Nice work :) keep writing.