Thursday, 11 October 2012

Do you remember your first digital painting experience?

I, probably most of us, started our computer learning from MS Paint :) Do you agree? Do you remember the first picture that you made on the computer screen? What was your emotion or in your mind, when you had finished it?

Even though I didn't saved that picture, am sure, that mostly will be like this. A scene of beautiful sun rise! A house, tree, clouds, river, birds, and two smiling fishes are unavoidable parts of my picture. These are the most beautiful things that I found around me at that time (and all the time). It was my dream world and I made it on the the new computer world.

Do you remember your first picture. Share that.. :)


  1. once again thought abt dat days...OMG!!!
    My first pic was also similar to yours,blue mountains,lotus,a small temple was also there...

  2. Not only ours, most of us.. I thinks we were so close to the Nature in our childhood than present. So our imagination comes so..